Eating disorder and psychogenic gastric disorder


An 18-year-old girl visited for a consultation led by her parents. She was first diagnosed as having eating disorder at a major hospital and was hospitalized for  medication and psychology counseling. Then, she was also treated by adopting diverse herbal remedies and folk remedies for 1 year to no avail.


She was 5.5ft and 85lb when she visited for consultation. She said she couldn't eat any food. She was checked for her operation of the unconscious and she seemed to have psychogenic gastric disorder rather than a type eating disorder. She learned about the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology in the consultation sessions that consisted of 3 one hour sessions conducted every other day.


Her mother contacted me in 2 months after the consultation. She said the girl had changed a lot. She was eating well, gained weight, and felt happy. As seen in the above example, it seems clear that adjusting the unconscious to operate in a balanced way is quite effective. You can build the ability for happiness inside yourself by adjusting the unconscious, and then, diverse symptoms that manifest the unbalanced operation of mind and psychology will automatically disappear.


Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.kip.ac/

E-mail : uip@uip.ac

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