Getting involved in infidelity in the condition of post traumatic stress may lead you to live the worst kind of life

When general psychological wounds are considered to be sensed with the severity of -10 in a metaphorical sense, psychological wounds caused by post traumatic stress are considered to be sensed with the severity of -100,000 or more. When you are in the condition of post traumatic stress, you may immediately fall for anyone who pays the smallest attention and provides consolation to you and fall into infidelity in spite of yourself. People who have post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity and bereavement at the same time are in even greater danger of falling into infidelity. People who have post traumatic stress due to sexual assault and spouse infidelity at the same time are also in greater danger. 
When you have an affair in the condition of post traumatic stress, you may do anything to achieve the most intense level of pleasure by all means and justify yourself thinking what you are doing is for love and happiness. You may even recommend such a life style to other people promoting pleasure and so-called 'individual happiness'. It is usually the case that people who say they will never fall into such stupidity tend to lose themselves more easily. Post traumatic stress makes you activate the greatest energy in a negative way. When it is manifested as infidelity, it wields the most destructive power that affects not only yourself but also everyone around you in disguise of love and happiness. It is not uncommon to see such situations all around the world. 
Many people are interested in solving the issue of infidelity in a practical way. However, from the perspective of the Theory of Mimind and Xesmind developed by Korea Institute of Psycho-education, the issues related with infidelity are necessarily related with post traumatic stress, and post traumatic stress must be addressed with the concept of treatment of psychology whether it involves infidelity or not. Attempts to solve problems related with infidelity only in a practical way may result in aggravating psychological conditions and life circumstances. Also, treatment must aim for a complete cure rather than a temporary relief of symptoms. When you treat post traumatic stress and restore healthy psychology, you can have the ability to live a happy life with people around you maintaining good human relationships. 

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