The purpose of free consultation on divorce and remarriage

There are several purposes for providing free consultation on divorce and remarriage at Korea Institute of Psycho-education.

1. To promote accurate understanding of psychology of divorce and remarriage.

When you do not have accurate understanding of psychology of divorce and remarriage, you cannot but live an unhappy life after divorce or remarriage. We do our best to let you know which of the conventional wisdom on divorce and remarriage are right and wrong. Many of your assumptions considered to be common senses will turn out to be false or distorted information with regard to the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. 

2. To help you solve psychological problems that have occurred after divorce or remarriage.

You will be able to solve psychological problems and restore happy life. 

3. To help you solve problems with children and other family members in the process of or after divorce or remarriage. 

4. To inform you of how to solve practical problems, relational problems, and sexual problems after divorce or remarriage. 

5. To inform you of causes of divorce and remarriage and causes of problems after divorce and remarriage. 

Psychologies of dating, marriage, divorce, dating after divorce, and remarriage are all different with respect to the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. We inform you of how to change your psychology depending on your situation and how to live happily in all situations. You will learn about preparing for divorce and remarriage, solving and preventing problems, taking the right path for future happiness. 

6. To inform you of what problems to expect when you get a divorce or remarry without adequate preparation. Divorce and remarriage without adequate preparation is likened to sailing in the ocean without a rudder. Life necessarily contains the whole spectrum of emotions and circumstances including joy, sorrow, pleasure, and despair. You can wisely prepare for or overcome negative situations by understanding the operational mechanism of mind and psychology. 

7. To inform you of merits and demerits of divorce and remarriage.

8. To guide you on how to live happily after divorce and remarriage in a customized way.

Please, send us the application form of free consultation on divorce and remarriage by an e-mail.

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