People who have problems with children after divorce or remarriage

Many people suffer from problems with children after divorce or remarriage. Usually, these problems could be expected even before divorce or remarriage, but you did not know about them and just proceeded with divorce or remarriage. It is almost certain that parents develop psychological problems during their first marriage and divorce process. It is also highly likely that children develop psychological problems during parents' unhappy first marriage and the process of divorce or remarriage. 

When you get a divorce or remarry, you usually regain comfort and forget about      your psychological wounds. You also think that your children are doing fine as you are, and ignore small problems here and there. However, when your psychological wounds that have been accumulated during the first marriage and the divorce process are not treated, they continue to operate even after divorce or remarriage inside you, affecting yourself and children in negative ways. 

You may not realize it, but you are to raise your children with psychological wounds inside you continuously operating day in and day out. Your psychological wounds are manifested in your behaviors when you interact with children. Also, children may develop psychological problems adapting themselves to new environments and new relationships resulting from parents' divorce or remarriage.

Under this circumstance, children may either suppress or express their emotions.     They may endure and suppress their emotions seeing that parents have difficulties in the process of divorce or remarriage and wanting to lessen the burden upon parents. Then, problems may not occur on the surface but children may grow psychological problems inside themselves. Children doing well even in the process of parents' divorce or remarriage are usually considered to be highly self-conscious and blocking expression of their emotions.

On the other hand, some children may freely express their emotions, which is usually viewed as negative by people around them. They may express anger and become rebellious, which clearly shows that they have developed psychological problems. Here, children developing psychological problems does not stem from children themselves but from parents' psychological problems affecting them. Children develop problems since parent's psychology necessarily affects children's psychology.

When problems occur with children in the process of divorce or remarriage, they must be viewed as originating from parents' psychological problems not from children's problems. The first step to deal with children's psychological problems is to treat parents' psychology, only after which, you can address children's problems. 

Many people focus only on children's problems without understanding that they are caused by parents' psychological problems. Then, children's condition keeps getting aggravated since the fundamental issues are not addressed adequately. When your children show psychological problems in the process of divorce or remarriage, you must think that it is time to treat your own psychological condition and you must take it as an opportunity to restore healthy psychology of all family members and build happiness again. 

Korea Institute of Psycho-education provides Mother Therapy that informs you of adequate parenting strategies and treatment methods of child psychology along with treatment programs for adults since parents' psychological problems almost always cause problems in child psychology. When you apply for Free Consultation on Divorce and Remarriage or Free Consultation on Child Psychology, you will be informed of accurate analysis and treatment methods that address the root cause of children's psychological problems.

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