[Review] Answers to questions

Throughout my life, I always had so many questions inside myself. 

Why would she do it? Why did I do it? Why does the world go the way it does?Why am I so stupid? Why am I not happy? Would I live a different life if I had done it at that time?

Mr. Kim said that women always look back on their life and attain enlightenment from within themselves. Now, I am learning how I have lived as a woman and how I should live in the future. I had never thought that I could change myself this much. I always believed that my fate was already determined. 

It is not important to me whether Mind Training is right or wrong for other people's eyes. It is just like a compass that directs me to happiness. Learning about meanings and values of life has become the turning point in my life. I just need to keep going in the right direction. 

Maybe that's why I see the world differently. I restored the sense of self-confidence and self-respect. I feel that I am strong enough to handle difficulties in life. I am happy to see my children be stabilized and choose what they want for their life. 

Life is not always a flower path but I am grateful that life has the full range of interesting and beautiful landscape.   

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