The conscious and the unconscious


Human mind is not visible but is recognized and sensed through thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions are recognized and sensed only by yourself and others cannot recognize what you are feeling and thinking. In may cases, it is meaningless and even undesirable to share your thoughts and emotions with other people.

Human mind is operated by the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious is recognized by thought, but the unconscious operates without being recognized. The recognition through thought in the conscious is the result of the operation of the unconscious. Therefore, human mind cannot be understood without understanding the operation of the unconscious. What is recognized in the conscious is only part of the operation of mind and being invisible does not necessarily mean that it is not operating.

The operation of human mind cannot be discussed without the mechanism of the operation of the conscious and the unconscious. Addressing the issues of human mind and psychology without discussing the conscious and the unconscious only causes the distortion of the phenomena and leads many people to choose the wrong path in their life.

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