The psychology of people with fame and popularity

When you become popular and famous, you get a lot of attention from general public. Fame and popularity are determined by other people. You become more popular and more famous when people show more interest in you. People pay attention to all of your behaviors and your behaviors affect people in certain ways. 

At first, people will become interested in a specific part of you such as your knowledge, experience, or achievement. Then, they begin to show interest in every aspect of you, for which they may have different ideas and standards from yours. They may be constantly curious about what type of person you are and try to find out about you and your family. 

You have much more memories and experiences than the part that made you famous and popular and you are a human being with much more than your fame and popularity. You may think that it is unfair that people want to know everything about you, including your past, present, and future, but that's what general public expect from famous and popular people.

You may become famous and popular accidentally without any specific purpose, but you may develop purposes as your fame and popularity continue and grow. Then, from a certain point, everything about you becomes commercialized whether you like it or not, which can contribute to achieving your goal further and more easily feeding you with more desire for even more fame and popularity. 

On the other hand, as your fame and popularity subside and it becomes harder to achieve your goal, you may feel depressed and frustrated. Then, you may try to regain fame and popularity by not only reinforcing your original talent but also employing other knowledge and experience you have, commercializing everything you have into products for fame and popularity. Eventually, you may put the cart before the horse and everything about you exists only for your pursuit of fame and popularity. Then, you yourself become a means to an end. 

Of course, people will be interested in everything you do since everything about you has been commercialized. Your opinions on some other areas than your own expertise will draw attention from people, which may have a great influence on general public, provide distorted information, and cause psychological problems in many people. 

Some people may overtly express negative views on what you do, which also indicates that they are highly interested in you. People involve emotions in judging famous and popular people's behaviors, so they either like you or dislike you. People may make heated arguments over your behaviors, and people's opinions about you will be polarized. Some people may like or dislike everything about you because they agree or disagree on some small part of yours. 

When you become famous and popular, you cannot but get attention from many people and be judged for everything you do. Your life becomes limited and restrained and you are fervently welcomed or fiercely attacked in public places. Now, you have become to sacrifice a normal and comfortable life for fame, popularity, and achievement.

It is not that fame and popularity are good or bad, or right or wrong by nature. It is that you must accurately understand the nature and the mechanism of getting fame and popularity in order to prevent problematic situations and protect yourself and people around you from undesirable consequences. Some famous people do not prepare themselves for unexpected situations and end up losing all their fame, popularity, and achievement and ruining their life completely. They may try to restore their fame and popularity by starting fresh again but they will only repeat the vicious cycle as far as they do not understand why they failed at first and what to do in order not to repeat failure. 


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