[Infidelity Therapy] Self-justification of people in infidelity


People in infidelity and people who advocate infidelity have already destroyed their life and make expressions of self-justification. Many people including victimized spouses due to spouse infidelity believe their self-justification and the also destroy their life and live an unhappy life, the worst life, and a ruined life. 

People in infidelity have developed relationship addiction acutely, which is a psychological disorder. It is a disease in mind that destroys human relationships that can be referred to as a terminal cancer in mind. They cannot fathom that they have relationship addiction and cannot but justify themselves. 

There are people who are even worse than people in infidelity. 

First, there are people who encourage infidelity. They encourage infidelity for their own selfish gain. Second, there are people who encourage victimized spouses to destroy their life. They advocate or admire infidelity. Third, there are people who aggravate their own post traumatic stress so that they cannot sense the pain and lead an unhappy life, the worst life, or a ruined life. They may end up committing infidelity themselves advocating infidelity. 

All the people described above destroy human relationships. The following are some typical arguments they use for self-justifications of their behaviors or ideas. 

1. Infidelity is only a fleeting one-time incident that can easily happen. Everyone who think and talk lightly about infidelity is justifying infidelity.

2. Infidelity occurs due to marriage problems. Everyone who attributes infidelity to couple problems, sexual problems, emotional problems, and environments is justifying infidelity. 

3. My infidelity is love and romance, but others' infidelity is just an affair. Everyone who argues that his or her infidelity is different and special since it is love and romance is falsely justifying infidelity. 

4. Infidelity issues can be resolved by solving practical problems. People who argue that infidelity issues can be solved by one's will and effort and it is not some disease are justifying infidelity. 

5. Infidelity issues can be resolved by help of counseling and psychiatric therapies.      

6. You need to know the story of how infidelity happened and proceeded to resolve infidelity issues. People who think and argue that psychology treatment requires knowing what exactly happened in the past are justifying infidelity. 

What do you think? What do people around you think? Infidelity is caused by relationship addiction, which is a severe psychological disorder that can advance to intermittent explosive disorder or hysteria. It is a condition that keeps recurring for the whole life time unless adequately treated. People who advocate and encourage infidelity entice you to get advice from people, solve practical problems such as divorce or lawsuits, take counseling, or develop dependency and obsession on work, hobbies or children. 

The victimizes spouse is having a life crisis due to spouse infidelity. It is simply absurd to justify infidelity under any circumstance. The victimized spouses must treat themselves and protect children. Then, they can give the spouses in infidelity an opportunity to treat their condition. KIP Treatment Program provides adequate treatment for both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse so that they can restore happiness. 


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