[On Human Mind] It is dangerous to be sick but not to be able to recognize it.


For normal people, emotions fluctuate between ㊀10 and ㊉10 in a metaphorical sense. When you feel ㊀ emotions, you can recover to ㊉ emotions by making efforts on your own. However, when you neglect emotions of ㊀10, your condition deteriorate to lower than ㊀10. You may develop psychological problems and go between ㊀100 and ㊉100 from then. 

When psychological problems occur, it is hard to recover only by your own effort and you may need help from psychological or psychiatric treatment. When you neglect the condition further, your condition deteriorates further. You may develop psychological disorders and go between ㊀1000 and ㊉1000 from then. 

As negative emotions advance to a lower level, positive emotions also advance to a higher level. When you fall from ㊉10 to ㊀10, you feel the pain of ㊀20. When you fall from ㊉100 to ㊀100, you feel the pain of ㊀200. When you fall from ㊉1,000 to ㊀1,000, you feel the pain of ㊀2,000. When you fall from ㊉10,000 to ㊀10,000, you feel the pain of ㊀10,000. 

Even healthy psychology of a normal people does not stay only at the same level of 0 all the time. Human psychology is designed to fluctuate between ㊉ and ㊀ to some degree. Human experience emotions of joy, sorrow, anger, and pleasure going between ㊉ and ㊀. When your psychology develops problems or disorders, the range of fluctuation becomes bigger. 

When you are in ㊉ state of emotions, you feel comfort and pleasure, but you cannot help falling to as negative level as the size of the positive level and sensing the pain of the size of the fall. The range grows more and more as the condition advances. It is when you feel comfort and pleasure that is really dangerous since you don't even realize that you are sick and you are about to fall in a short time. 

When you focus on making people feel better temporarily in the conscious for psychology treatment, treatment seems to be quite an easy task, but it is quite dangerous at the fundamental level. Then, psychology treatment plays the role of aggravating psychological condition.

Therapies adopting theories of psychology, psychiatry, and the Theory of Mimind must be differentiated and applied in the right way. The degree of suffering and the time period of experiencing psychological problems must be considered to determine which method to adopt.


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