[Mother Therapy] Do parents know what children think and feel?


Most parents think that they know what their children think and feel. Parents are the ones who have seen and shared every single moment of children's growth since birth to the present, so they must know their children very well. However, what they have seen in the children's growth is the manifested phenomena that surfaced based on the operation of children's psychology such as perception, memory, and expression instead of children's mind itself. 

First of all, parents must understand that girls' mind and boys' mind operate differently at the fundamental level. Male's mind operates in boys and female's mind operates in girls regardless of age. The father and the son have the same operation of mind and the mother and the daughter have the same operation of mind. Not knowing this mechanism, many people think the boys resemble their father and daughters resemble their mother. They think that children have somehow inherited their parents' psychological traits by the work of genetics.

Parents are adults, so they are in the phase of self-actualization. They have married and formed a family. On the other hand, children are still in the phase of psychological growth. Children go through a few phases before they become adults and live in the phase of self-actualization. They go through the phase of survival to form the psychology of survival, the phase of adaptation to relationships to form the psychology of adapting to diverse relationships, and the phase of formation of self-identity to form their own thought standards. 

Parents' growth process and children's growth process must be different since everyone has unique environment in the growth period. The operation of mind at the fundamental level is the same for parents and children, but the manifested psychology resulting from different environments are different for each individual. What parents see in children is the manifestation of psychology resulting from the operation of mind in different phases of psychological development, which keeps changing as the grow.      Also, they are completely different from their parents' psychology. 

Then, how many parents could be convinced that they know their children's mind and psychology? They may not even know about their own mind and psychology. Mother Therapy guides mothers to adopt the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology for parenting, and help children form healthy psychology in the process of psychological development. Mothers can treat children's psychology without professional help and help them grow into healthy adults by adopting Mother Therapy. 


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