[Infidelity Therapy] The murder of the spouse : A case that could happen to anyone.


[Infidelity Therapy] The husband's delusional jealousy and domestic violence, and the wife's murder of the husband

There was a sad news article that reported a crime case where the wife who had suffered from the husband's delusional jealousy and domestic violence murdered the husband. No case of homicide can be justified under any circumstance. It was such a sad situation that the wife could not get a divorce since she had to take care of children even in the pain of delusional jealousy and domestic violence for a long time. If the wife had treated her condition, and then, the husband had treated delusional jealousy, the murder could have been prevented. They lost all the chances for recovery and faced the fall of life. 

When the husband develops delusional jealousy, which is a type of megalomania, he also develops post traumatic stress and his obsession for the wife and violent behaviors progress. Then, it deteriorates to become intermittent explosive disorder. If the husband had treated post traumatic stress, he would not have developed intermittent explosive disorder. He could also have treated intermittent explosive disorder before it was too late. 

If the wife had truly wanted to take care of children in the right way, she should have asked for help and addressed the issue of domestic violence. It is sad to imagine how painful it would have been to stand domestic violence for such a long time. Just enduring the pain is right neither for the wife nor for children. It was possible to prevent the crime and live as a happy family again, but they lost the chance and the irrecoverable incident happened.

It is sad to imagine how painful it would have been to stand domestic violence for such a long time. and treatment your post traumatic stress is the first thing to do in any case. When your spouse has megalomania or post traumatic stress, you must take all the measures to persuade your spouse to treat the condition to restore happiness. Otherwise, you cannot but live an unhappy and ruined life. This couple didn't treat their conditions, and ended up with one party killing the other. Then, what would happen to children's mind and psychology? 

Such sad incidents are often occurring not far from us. Some people are convinced that such things will never happen to them, and are living the life of unhappiness and destruction. They must think that anything can happen to them as well as to others, and make efforts to treat their conditions and restore happiness in mind. 


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