[Review] Time for getting to know myself

I always blamed my family background and my own inability while I was growing up. 

I suffered from husband infidelity, and my children were neglected due to my unstable and unhealthy psychological condition. My marriage was barely maintained and on the verge of being broken up any moment. 

I began my treatment and learned that my husband became selfish and arrogant and disregarded my ideas and feelings because he had developed a sickness in mind and could not but misjudge everything. I gradually became comfortable learning about the difference between men's mind and women's mind.

The reality kept staying in difficulty, and I sometimes had vindictive mentality in spite of myself. I was dependent on video lectures and blamed myself and others back and forth. Hope was unseen and despair kept me for 2 years. 

Now, I realize how important it is to focus on therapeutic tasks, which I had heard but had not listened. Now, I have transformed my wounds into the void of feelings. I have a comfortable life and make efforts to pursue values of life. 

All humans pursue happiness. Only I myself can make myself happy.  I make efforts to stay at the center of my mind. 

I was once biased to assume and judge my husband based on my false conviction. I was lucky to have a chance to take Mind Training and I am thankful. It guided me to treat wounds, and get up and go in the right direction.

I will keep making efforts to become a happy person. 



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