[Infidelity Therapy] Is infidelity passed down to the next generation?


[Infidelity Therapy] Parents who want their children not to experience the pain of spouse infidelity. 

Anyone who has suffered from spouse infidelity would want their children not to go through the same suffering in the future. This applies to everyone around the world. However, many people do not understand the true nature and the root cause of infidelity and are falsely led to believe that infidelity is caused by problems of marriage, sexuality, love, and circumstances.

Infidelity is caused by relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder and nothing else is the cause of infidelity. The victimized spouse suffers from post traumatic stress upon the discovery of spouse infidelity. The victimized spouses may want their children not to suffer from spouse infidelity when they become adults. However, they cannot prevent their children's suffering since they do not know the true nature and the root cause of infidelity, which is relationship addiction as a form of a psychological disorder. They do not know that post traumatic stress is also a psychological disorder that destroys all human relationships and causes their mind to perish including love, passion, happiness, and sexuality. 

Children who grow up in a family where parents have relationship addiction and post traumatic stress cannot but suffer from problems of marriage, sexuality, love, and circumstances as they become adults. They may even become exposed to dangerous situations even before they become adults. They are highly likely to commit infidelity or suffer from spouse infidelity after they get married. 

You must treat post traumatic stress and relationship addiction and live a happy life to be able to protect your children and prevent such dire incidents from occurring in your children's life. You will also be able to guide them in the right direction in case infidelity occurs in their life. 

Sadly enough, the reality is that not many people understand the true nature of spouse infidelity and post traumatic stress. When you give up on your treatment of post traumatic stress and give up on your happiness, you cannot but pass down infidelity to your children. You will also guide your children in the wrong direction by encouraging      taking practical measures such as counseling, lawsuits, and divorce as well as dependency and compulsion and leading them to live unhappy and destructive life. This is how infidelity is passed down from generation to generation. 

Please, be noted that giving up on your treatment and giving up on your true happiness is equivalent to passing down infidelity to your children's generation. Children will follow the exactly the same path of life as their parents' when parents live unhappy and destructive life without properly treating relationship addiction and post traumatic stress. 


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