[Review] Swayed, but get back and keep going

I started the KIP Treatment Program a year ago, but I actually have focused on the treatment only for about 3 months. 

I was in the worst condition when I registered for the program, but I just idled away for several months. Then, I realized that I could destroy all my life, and began to really focus on each chapter of Mind Training. 

I diligently repeated therapeutic tasks. Extreme chronic stress began to subside and panicky feelings when I saw women on the street almost disappeared. 

I blocked all the relationships with people, and just focused on my work, home, and treatment for 3 months. 

My body began to recover, everything is better than before, but I still get swayed by unstable emotions. I should keep up with my will and efforts. 

It feels like I am walking on a narrow path full of fog. I have no one to ask for the direction and no foot steps to follow. 

I guess I am the only one who can find the way for myself. I have hope for my life. 

I will keep walking step by step. I finished my task for the day as usual. 


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