[Infidelity Therapy] People who criticize infidelity cases

Some people feel good by criticizing other people's infidelity cases saying, “They deserve the punishment”, “Such people should learn the lesson by losing everything”.     However, people in infidelity are still someone's husband and wife and parents of their children. The victimized spouses suffer from pain but usually want to restore happiness. Other people's criticism may lead them to give up the restoration of happy family and lead themselves to unhappy and destructive life. 

People who feel good by criticizing infidelity cases are considered to be trying to destroy the suffering family. They may also experience spouse infidelity or commit infidelity themselves in the future and get criticized by other people. We all must be extremely cautions to mention infidelity cases in other families since it can damage people related with infidelity in many ways. 

People who not only criticize infidelity cases but also encourage the victimized spouses to take practical measures such as counseling, coaching, lawsuits, and divorce are also considered to be trying to destroy the family who are suffering from infidelity.       When spouse infidelity occurs, getting counseling and advice leads to unhappiness and the destruction of life. You must first treat your psychological condition in the right way and restore happiness. You must wisely distinguish people who seem to try to help but actually lead you to unhappiness from people who lead you to true happiness. 

There are so many so-called experts on infidelity who encourage the victimized spouses to take all kinds of practical measures. Sadly enough, not many of them understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology including the psychology of infidelity. You should never fall for the temptation of people with fame and popularity who aim for their own profit and gain in disguise of professional guidance. 


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