[Infidelity Therapy] The spouse in infidelity can never feel the pain you feel.

 [Infidelity Therapy] Displaying rage and taking practical measures does not solve the problem of infidelity.

      Empathizing with the victimized spouse does not help solve the issue of spouse infidelity. It is only natural that the victimized spouse suffers from excruciating pain when spouse infidelity is discovered. You may have to deal with many other related problems, too. However, the spouse in infidelity has already developed relationship addiction, which is an advanced condition of psychological disorder that destroys relationships and sexuality.

     The spouse in infidelity perceives the victimized spouse's display of rage and anger only as stress instead of empathizing with the pain and suffering, which aggravates relationship addiction. Some people say that their expressions of pain and suffering have led the spouse in infidelity to ask for forgiveness and become nice to the victimized spouse. He of she is simply trying to get red of stress by being nice. No one understands that relationship addiction only deteriorates in this process.      Displaying rage and anger or expressing pain and suffering only aggravate relationship addiction and post traumatic stress. 

     What you urgently need now is not expressing how you feel to feel better or taking practical measures to solve the issue of infidelity. It is not also important to find proof of infidelity or what happened to your spouse. The important thing is to understand that your spouse, your children, and you are in the crisis situation that may destroy family and everyone's life.

    The only person who can lead the spouse in infidelity to treat relationship addiction is the victimized spouse who is suffering from post traumatic stress. First, you must treat your post traumatic stress and restore happiness. Then, you must protect your children and restore a happy family. Then, you can give the spouse in infidelity an opportunity to treat relationship addiction. Following the suggested order is also important. 

     Any other attempt to address the issue of infidelity may lead to the aggravation of psychological conditions of all family members and lead to the life of destruction and destruction. Displaying rage and anger, expressing pain and suffering, suppressing yourself and enduring the situation, or taking practical measures never leads to happiness of the individuals and family. First and foremost, you may treat your post traumatic stress to restore happiness of yourself and your children. 


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