[Review] Deeply moved and overwhelmed for the first time in my life


I was diagnosed for being completely cured. I was surprised and began to cry. ​

I started on October 20th in 2019. It took 131 weeks. 

I remember my first visit to the KIP office. I registered and took all the textbooks and publications home being anxious to start the training. 

I did my best to treat myself. ​

Of course, I went through trials and errors. 

I failed and began again several times. 

I was anxious but time went by slowly.

Eventually, time went by and I was cured. ​

My past life passes by fast in my memory. 

I feel moved and overwhelmed and speechless.

I shed tears of gratitude. 

I am happy, proud, and grateful. 

I got myself back. 

I got my feelings back.

I am ready to live happily for myself and for my loved ones. 

I feel confident and healthy again. ​

I would like to thank all the staff, who helped proceed with the program,

and Mr. Beomyoung Kim, who designed the treatment program based on the Theory of Mimind. 

Thank you.


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