[Infidelity Therapy] Making the right choice upon the discovery of spouse infidelity


[Infidelity Therapy] Spouse infidelity is painful, but you must make the right choice for your future. 

When the spouse infidelity is discovered, most people suffer from rage and pain since they want to restore happiness. They suffer from post traumatic stress and it means that they have the possibility to recover. When you don't suffer from rage and feel comfortable accepting the situation, it indicates that you nave no possibility to recover. That is, you have nothing to recover in the first place. You will not feel pain whatever your spouse does in that case. 

We must understand that those who suffer from post traumatic stress instead of those who don't feel pain upon the discovery of spouse infidelity are the ones who have lived a righteous and good life so far. 

People who don't feel pain when spouse infidelity is discovered are considered to have marriage relationship with some selfish purpose. Most people suffer from pain when spouse infidelity is discovered. This is because they want to restore happy marriage relationship.

You must first restore you own happiness to restore marriage relationship. Then, you can make the environment where the spouse can recover. Most people think that only the spouse in infidelity must recover and don't think about their own recovery. However, the spouse in infidelity usually do not try to recover first. 

The spouse in infidelity has relationship addiction, which is a progressed condition of psychological disorder and destroys all human relationship. They would sever the relationship with anyone who gives them stress whether they love the person or not.          

The spouse in infidelity is likely to destroy marriage relationship when the victimized spouse displays symptoms of post traumatic stress such as rage and anger. In this process, he or she does not think twice about destroying the relationship with children. Relationship addiction is a psychological condition to destroy all human relationships when stress is induced. 

If you want to restore happiness and marriage relationship, you must first stop giving stress to the spouse in infidelity. It is really hard for the victimized spouse not to give stress to the spouse in infidelity since the pain is absolutely excruciating. It must be noted that treating the condition of the victimized spouse is the first step to stop the aggravation of condition of the spouse in infidelity and restore marriage relationship. 

Many people advise you to get a divorce when spouse infidelity occurs. Some people advise for law suits to make the spouse return to home. Strictly speaking, it cannot be considered as returning home in that case since the spouse has actually aggravated condition relationship addiction. 

People who suffer from post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity are facing the worst crisis situation in the life. Your future is only up to your decision, not anyone else's. You may aggravate your condition of post traumatic stress and make your whole life unhappy unless you treat your condition by adopting the right methods and choose the right path for happiness. You can and must make the right choice and decision for your self and your family. 



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