[Sex & Xes] How to deal with post-coital tristesse

Hello, everyone. Post-coital tristesse is a depressive feeling that anyone can experience after having sex. Some people say that it includes mens feeling of loss that lasts only for a short time right after ejaculation, and others argue that the feeling should be overwhelming and strong enough to make one cry or develop hatred against the sex partner and oneself to meet the criteria for post coital tristesse. Both cases can be included in post-coital tristesse but its operation is different for men and women.

Lets first look at mens post-coital tristesse. As men develop sexual desire, xes wounds are generated based on xes information that is perceived in xesmind and negative xes energy is generated. Negative xes energy is delivered to mens body and mind and the pleasure of the same level of negative xes energy is sensed in mens conscious. Men may maintain a certain level of pleasurable sensation in the process of masturbation and having sex with a partner and feel a strong pleasurable sensation at eh moment of ejaculation. 

Men who cannot generate positive xes energy always activate negative xes energy so they activate negative xes energy even at the moment of ejaculation. They just cannot recognize it since it is covered with the pleasurable sensation recognized in the conscious. Then, the pleasurable sensation ends right after ejaculation and negative xes energy is recognized as stress with the same value of pleasurable sensation. 

Then, how is post-coital tristesse different for women? Womens post-coital tristesse is not a temporary sensation that men feel after ejaculation but a continuous feeling of depression. Women feel deeper and stronger negative feelings. Wounds of mimind is at work instead of xes wounds in xesmind in women. Women do not activate negative xes energy based on xes wounds as men do. Womens wounds in mimind is activated to generate negative xes energy.

Women who have many wounds in memory feel more depressive feelings after having sex. They may feel like crying or actually cry and retrieve feelings of hating self and others. Womens wounds activate the operation of xes energy to restore happiness, which is manifested as womens sexual desire. Womens sexual desire is not the desire for pleasure but the desire for wound treatment.  

Not many women understand that they can treat wounds in mimind through activating xesmind. They rather try to depend on other people who can make them feel happy, which only aggravate their condition and raise the level of dependency. Then, they seek having sex as a means to satisfy the desire for love and happiness and keep losing their energy in mimind and generating negative xes energy in xesmind

Ironically, these women feel greater level of sexual pleasure based on the greater level of wounds in mimind, but they recognize the deep depressive feelings after having sex without knowing the reason. They may enter the vicious cycle of seeking sexual pleasure, feeling more and more depressed after having sex, and developing greater level of sexual desire and dependency for love and happiness.

There can be two ways to solve the problem of post-coital tristesse. One is to completely destroy ones mind and live only for sexual pleasure, which makes both men and women unable to recognize pain in mind. People with serious psychological disorders may not feel depressed after having sex since their mind has stopped functioning in a normal way.

Another way is to learn how to generate positive xes energy. Men can enjoy the highest level of sexual pleasure without sexual desire and use xes energy for generating passion for pursuing values of life. They have most powerful sex ability and dont have to experience post-coital tristesse at all. Women can activate sexuality in the way they can generate love and happiness. They should learn about the concepts accurately and internalize them to practice in daily life.


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