The process of developing relationship addiction


     Both the cause of husband infidelity and the cause of wife infidelity are relationship addiction. Accurately understanding the cause of infidelity prevents you from destroying your life and allows you to pursue happiness in the right direction. Without accurately understanding the cause of infidelity, you cannot either solve practical problems or restore healthy psychology and happiness. 

     Many people think that infidelity is caused by problems of love, sex, and marriage and therefore, they try to solve those problems to resolve the issue of infidelity. Even so-called experts attribute infidelity to problems of love, sex, and marriage and guide many innocent people to develop even worse conditions of psychology and life. It is crucial to understand that the real cause of infidelity is relationship addiction, which is an acute psychological disorder. 

     In many cases, infidelity does not occur with careful plans or deliberate intention. For men, they develop an acute case of relationship addiction upon the counterparty's response. Men's relationship addiction is a manifestation of perception disorder and expression disorder combined. For women, they develop an acute case of relationship addiction upon the counterparty's attention and consolation. Women's relationship addiction is a manifestation of the disorder of memory of emotion and expression disorder combined. Then, both women and men in relationship addiction easily change partners depending on circumstances since they are addicted to women's response and men's attention and consolation respectively.          

     Most psychological disorders take a long time and go through stages to develop. They proceed from psychological problems to a psychological disorder in 1 component of psychology and then, to a psychological disorder in 2 components of psychology. It usually takes years for psychological problems to develop into a psychological disorder in 2 components of psychology. However, relationship addiction develops acutely in a short time. 

     People in infidelity hardly realize that they have developed relationship addiction. Their thoughts and their conscious are distorted, so they perceive what used to be perceived as positive as negative and vice versa. They cannot tolerate and properly deal with even the smallest stress or wounds. Many women in relationship addiction are considered to have allowed themselves to be taken advantage of mistaking the distorted relationship for love. Relationship addiction accompanied by stress and wounds keeps operating inside them, and it is hard for them to break away from the vicious cycle of getting stress and wounds and seeking response and attention in distorted ways repeatedly committing infidelity. 

     The victimized spouse must treat post traumatic stress and the spouse in infidelity must treat relationship addiction. Then, you will be able to restore your healthy psychology and pursue happiness in a true sense instead of destroying the life of yourself and your loved ones.


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