[Infidelity Therapy] If infidelity is love, why don't we all have an affair?


[Infidelity Therapy] Ignorant people who regard infidelity as love

You may have seen many people who regard infidelity as love in movies, books, lectures, and social and mass media. Their argument may look right in their own way and you may also agree on their ideas and explanations. When the majority of people accept certain ideas even when they are distorted ones, they become common sense and knowledge in the society. However, the true nature and cause of infidelity is relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. Relationship addiction makes your psychology operate in a distorted way with regard to love, passion, and sexuality, and destroys all human relationships. 

People who equate infidelity with love are falsely justifying relationship addiction as a normal psychological condition. They easily relate the issue of infidelity with issues of marriage, sexuality, love, and emotions. These people are considered to be downright ignorant.

They are actually encouraging infidelity by justifying infidelity without understanding the underlying mechanism of the phenomena. What would happen when such distorted ideas become common sense and knowledge being accepted by the majority of people in the society? Of course, more and more people will end up committing infidelity thinking that they are in love when they are actually in a pathological condition of psychology. Then, no one would mind their loved ones including their parents and children developing relationship addiction assuming that they have just fallen in love. 

So many people are leading innocent people to develop psychological disorders, and many more are following the crowd destroying their own life and others' lives.      If you are so sure that infidelity is love, you must encourage your spouse, children, and other family members to commit infidelity openly. You can encourage everyone around to do so, too, since falling in love must be what everyone wants and a beautiful thing. 

Can you really say that

- It is OK to commit infidelity when you have marriage problems?

- It is OK to fall in love again through infidelity when you have relational problems?

- It is OK to just have sex with a new partner when you have sexual problems with the current partner?

 It is so obvious that people who regard infidelity as love are leading everyone to destroy themselves and people around them leading to the destruction of not only individuals but also the whole society. We are in a sad situation where even children are being negatively affected in this process. Please, keep in mind that infidelity has nothing to do with love whatsoever, and it is only the manifestation of relationship addiction, which is presented as response addiction for men and attention addiction for women. 


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