[Mother Therapy] Mother's wounds damage children's psychology.


Everyone has big and small wounds, but treated wounds become the source of happiness. Especially, mothers must take good care of their wounds because untreated mother's wounds may negatively affect children's psychology and even cause diverse psychological problems in children.

When mothers develop post traumatic stress due to husband infidelity while living a happy life with their family and children, they cannot but suffer from excruciating psychological pain. They may blame others or themselves, and do their best to overcome their difficulties taking all the measures within their knowledge and ability. 

When mothers are in pain of death due to post traumatic stress and try to deal with their own problems, children are likely to be neglected and develop psychological problems. Some mothers may completely neglect children and others may even use children to relieve their stress. They may take counseling and coaching, file lawsuits, proceed for a divorce. They may develop tendency for dependency and obsession. In this process, children's psychology also keeps deteriorating. 

Whether the mother gets a divorce, wins the lawsuit, feels better by taking counseling and coaching, or gets a temporary relief by doing anything else, her post traumatic stress cannot be adequately treated, and her children cannot but suffer from mother's unstable psychology, emotions, and behaviors. Mother's emotions permeate children's mind as they are, and greatly affect children's psychological condition. 

Mothers who suffer from post traumatic stress must accurately treat their condition before anything. The husband who has committed infidelity is considered to have already lost healthy psychology as well as the ability of love, passion, and happiness. The wife's taking practical measures will not recover the husband's destroyed mind since it is only the husband himself who can restore his own mind and psychology. 

As you adequately treat post traumatic stress, you will find that children also stabilize their psychology in no time. Then, you and your children can restore happiness regardless of your husband's psychological condition and practical circumstance. You can also give your husband an opportunity to treat himself if he finds it necessary. Please, remember that mother's emotions are delivered to children as they are. When mothers are not treated, children have to take in and keep all the pain and suffering for their whole life, thereby wounds being passed on through generations. 


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