[Review] I see myself changing.

In the past, I worked really hard to bring myself back, 

but I did not have the eyes to see myself and I despaired.

Today, finally, I feel proud of myself.

I am learning how to stand by myself experiencing the whole process of treatment,

which helped me turn back for life at the edge of the cliff. 

The process of treatment made me learn about the meaning of true gratitude. 

I was a religious person in the past, 

and heard many people say that they become happy when they can be grateful. 

However, when I suffered from the pain of death 

and simply wanted to stop the pain by just letting go of everything, 

the word gratitude was just a word I have seen in a dictionary. 

How badly did I want to get out of pain,  

and how shiny was the light that led me to life again, 

the light of wound treatment and psychology treatment.

At last, feelings of gratitude have come to me without myself making any effort. 

Of course, I have also found meanings and values of life again. 


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