[Infidelity Therapy] Parents who have relationship addiction or post traumatic stress must not raise children.


     When spouse infidelity occurs, the spouse in infidelity has developed relationship addiction and the victimized spouse who discovers spouse infidelity has developed post traumatic stress. Relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder, causes the spouse in infidelity destroy relationships, love, happiness, and sexuality. 

     The parent in relationships addiction damages children's psychology since he or she raises children in the condition of psychological disorder. Children must be separated from the parent who has relationship addiction so that they can grow with healthy psychology. The parent who has relationship addiction must treat his or her condition before they can raise children in a healthy way. 

     Post traumatic stress also causes the victimized spouse destroy relationships, love, happiness, and sexuality. Taking any practical measure aggravates the condition developing into a severe psychological disorder. The condition may become even more serious than relationship addiction when neglected. 

     Children who are raised by parents who have relationship addiction and post traumatic stress easily develop psychological problems, so it is not recommended children stay with parents with such conditions. Of course, the parent who has developed post traumatic stress must treat his or her condition and restore happiness first before resuming parenting. 

      No parent wants to destroy their children's psychology by their own hands knowing that their psychological disorders are detrimental to children's psychological health. Not doing their best to treat themselves adopting accurate methods even when they know that they can damage children equates with deliberately trying to damage children. When parents treat their conditions and restore love and happiness, all family members can live together happily providing children with the best environment for growth. 


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