[SATW] So much information on sex, but not useful at all


     Would you be able to make use of information on sex for having sex if you can find good ones? Many people think that they will be able to use information on sex for having sex and become happy and pleased, but people also find that they are not so useful. Then, they begin to look for other information and keep wasting their time.         

     Sexuality is manifested differently for everyone in real situations. Any information on sex that look good is unlikely to accord with your standards. Thinking that information on sex that may accord with others may also accord with you and even trying it in real situations is just a waste of time.

     Even very useful information on sex cannot be applied for one person since having sex involves two people. Information on sex that you think would be useful may not be information that both you and your partner can apply together for happy and pleasurable sex. 

     Especially, if you try to apply some sexual information for having sex when you don't even know how to have conversations effectively and how to express your thoughts and feelings to the partner, the information becomes useless in real situations. Also, information on sex is useless for solving sexual problems. 

     If you want to find sexual information that helps in having sex in real situations, you must first analyze all the aspects of your sexual relationship with the partner comprehensively, and find the root cause of problems. No information can be helpful when you do not clearly understand the problem. Focusing on solving problems instead of trying to find the root cause will only lead you to keep suffering from the problem. It will also bring about more and more problems on the way. 

     You must use your time, effort, expense, and passion to achieve true happiness. Please, keep in mind that most information on sex that is readily available around you is useless. Also, information on sex that you accidentally find and looks good and useful is unlikely to be applicable in real situations. 


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