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The World’s Best Psychological Treatment of Children That Allows Mothers to be Psychological Treatment Experts for Their Own Children

The efficacy of Mother Therapy is stronger than any other existing psychological treatment methods of children. It allows mothers to use their abilities for their own children’s psychological treatment. Mothers will be able to resolve entire psychological problems that could occur in the process of children’s growth by themselves if they learn Mother Therapy. – from the text

Children’s psychological problems are not the subjects to be treated but very natural phenomena that occur in the process forming memory and habits in phases of survival, adaptation to a relationship, formation of self-identity, and self-actualization. From adults’ point of view who are already actualizing themselves, it seems like psychological problems have occurred to children. Children’s psychological problems can be removed if their psychology is adjusted a little bit in their daily routines. – from the text

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Mother Therapy is a ‘psychological treatment method for children developed for mothers so that they can treat their children’s psychology in person’ and ‘treatment method that can treat the mothers’ wounds.’

Children’s psychological treatment has been run at Korea Institute of Psycho-education for a long time; Mother Therapy was already developed a long time ago. After teaching treatment method of children to mothers for their children’s psychological treatment, it was proved that mothers can treat their children’s psychology accurately without any other help.

Mother Therapy is the first developed treatment method of children that mothers can have the ability to treat their children’s psychology without the help of counseling.

There are 2 ways to take Mother Therapy: Mother Therapy Tour and Online Mother Therapy. Mother Therapy Tour is the process of learning treatment method of children and tour for 2 nights and 3 days; Online Mother Therapy is learning the treatment method of children online. Especially, Mother Therapy Tour allows mothers who have difficulties in parenting and housework in daily routines and mothers who have psychological difficulties due to their children’s psychological problems to enjoy the tour, learn psychological treatment method of children and treat the mothers’ wounds for 2 nights and 3 days.

Mother Therapy is designed to resolve parenting problems and psychological problems; mothers rarely experience difficulties in parenting their children after taking Mother Therapy. They can resolve their children’s psychological problems and treat children’s psychology by themselves as well.

Mother Therapy will allow you to resolve problems in parenting your children and treat psychological problems of both yours and your children’s by taking the training just once. Children’s psychological problems occur due to stress and wounds; by knowing exact causes of psychological problems of your sons and daughters and by learning method to resolve these problems, you will be able to resolve any kind of your children’s psychological problems.

You must have received help from various treatment methods, counseling offices, child psychiatry, agencies, organizations, etc. for your children’s psychological treatment.

However, in most cases, it would have been either that your children's psychological treatment failed or that the efficacy of treatment was imperceptive. You would rather have experienced problems becoming worse or recurring, or seen the occurrence of another psychological problem. Also, there are cases when mothers give up treating their children’s psychology because it is so difficult and exhausting although they tried a lot for the treatment.

There is a range of psychological treatment of children that mothers can do through Mother Therapy. Mother Therapy is effective for resolving your children’s psychological problems whether they are matters of organic factors (problems of brain and nerves or other physical diseases) or not.

- Treatment of tic disorders, treatment of Tourette Syndrome

- Treatment of ADHD, treatment of learning disorders

- Treatment of developmental delay, treatment of developmental disability

- Treatment of game addiction, treatment of internet addiction, treatment of social media addiction

- Treatment of conflicts, treatment of anxiety disorder, treatment of eating disorders

- Treatment of intermittent explosive disorder, treatment of autism spectrum disorders, treatment of Asperger’s syndrome

- Treatment of problems in human relationships, treatment of psychological problems

Now, I am going to provide you the treatment method that you can use to treat your children’s psychology fast and accurately. I hope each one of you becomes an expert in the psychological treatment of children who can resolve any kind of parenting problems and psychological problems by learning Mother Therapy and treats your wounds as a mother. Furthermore, I hope you become able to treat your children’s psychology by yourself without help from counseling offices, child psychiatry, agencies/organizations, etc.



We live with stress and wounds in countless human relationships. What if I fall behind, what if I fail, etc. Although we make endless efforts, that we cannot get away from impatience and anxiety is our reality.

We are sometimes disappointed and frustrated because things do not fit the standard of happiness of each one of us as we seek happiness. Our valuable lives are unstable since we keep chasing happy lives. We must understand that happiness reduces as much as we seek happiness.

Remembering emotions of wounds such as sadness, anxiety, frustration, etc. is not bad. The real happiness is not about avoiding wounds and making temporary positive moods. In addition, happiness for each individual must be different because the valuable life and the meaningful life of each one of us are different. It is only you who can feel your happiness. Therefore, here at Korea Institute of Psycho-education, you can have the ability to make your own happiness in each one of your meaningful life and valuable life, not a uniform method of becoming happier.

Through an accurate understanding of the mind and the psychology of PIR, each of you can make your own happiness. Happiness cannot exist if there are no wounds in joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure; you can create happiness in your meaningful life by understanding your wounds precisely and treating the wounds. While teaching the principles of how the mind and psychology of PIR operate, we will continue researching and striving endlessly to help every single one of you to create your unique happiness.

Park, the director of Korea Institute of Psycho-education

Table of Contents

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Part 1. Mother Therapy

1. The concept of Mother Therapy

1) Developmental background and efficacy of Mother Therapy

2) Reasons why Mother Therapy is important for mothers

3) Differences of Mother Therapy from other treatment methods of children’s psychology

4) Children’s problems are not due to psychological disorders

5) Children’s psychological problems can be treated easily

6) Mother Therapy is the happiness of children and mothers

             7) Mothers can be experts in the psychological treatment of children

2. Fundamental principles of Mother Therapy

1) Psychology of children in survival under age 5

2) The principle of psychological treatment of children who are in survival under age 5

3) Psychology of children in adaptation to relationship between age 5 and 13

4) The principle of psychological treatment of children who are in adaptation to relationship between age 5 and 13

5) Psychology of children in formation of self-identity between age 13 and 20

6) The principle of psychological treatment of children who are in formation of self-identity between age 13 and 20

3. Main targets of Mother Therapy

1) Mothers suffering from difficulties in parenting children

2) Mothers wanting to treat problems of children’s conflicts

3) Teachers having difficulties due to psychological problems of students

4) Teachers or mothers distressed due to the sex education of students/children

5) Teachers or mothers distressed due to personality education of children

6) Mothers wanting to treat tic disorder or Tourette syndromes of children

7) Mothers wanting to treat developmental delay or developmental disability of children

8) Mothers wanting to treat ADHD of children

9) Mothers wanting to treat learning underachievement or learning disorders of children

10) Mothers wanting to treat children who play games excessively or who are addicted to games

11) Mothers wanting to treat internet addiction or social media addiction of children

             12) Mothers wanting to resolve or treat various psychological problems of children

4. Caring Mother Society

1) What is caring mother society?

2) The needs of caring mother society

3) Background and process of caring mother society

4) Mothers are the best experts in children’s psychological treatment.

5) It is time for mothers to intervene in children’s psychological problems.

6) Maternal love of mothers is the spring of children’s psychological treatment.

7) The reality of knowledge education of children

8) The stance of mother and of children

9) Psychology of your son and of your daughter is different.

10) Do not sacrifice and devote yourself to your children

11) My special child

12) How come no one tells about children’s mind?

13) You really don’t know your children’s mind and psychology.

14) Mother saying that they’ve given up parenting their children

              15) The reality that psychological problems of children are serious

Part 2. Healing of Conflicts

1. Healing or Killing in Conflicts

2. Conflicts and the Standard of Thoughts

3. The Self-Actualization of PIR

4. What is Conflict?

5. Conflicts in the Marriage Relationship

6. Conflicts in the Parent-Child Relationship

7. Conflicts in the Mother-Daughter Relationship

8. Conflicts between the Mother-in-Law and the Daughter-in-Law

         9. Resolving Conflicts

Part 3. Healing Parents

1. Healing and Killing

1) Men and Women

2) How about you?

2. The Mind of PIR

3. The Operation of Psychology

4. Emotional Confrontation and Stress

1) Differences in the psychology of conversation

2) Differences in memory of emotion

3) Differences in psychological operations

5. Men's Stress and Healing

         6. Women's Wounds and Healing

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Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.uip.ac/

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