When a woman experiences her second husband's infidelity after divorcing due to her first husband's infidelity

It happens sometimes that a woman gets a divorce due to husband infidelity and remarries a man being convinced that her second husband will never cheat on her only to experience her second husband's infidelity. It is no wonder that the woman will get utterly shocked and suffer greatly from psychological wounds. Many of such women may choose to stay in the second marriage since they don't want to get a divorce the second time, or some of them may choose another divorce. In both cases, they are to live with extreme psychological pain all their life. It is imperative and urgent that they treat post traumatic stress caused by repeated experiences of husband infidelity regardless of their marital status in order to restore healthy psychology and happiness. 

Taking any other practical measures to address the issues than adequate treatment or making any conscious efforts will only result in the aggravation of the psychological condition let alone improvement. The problems actually started when they did not treat their post traumatic stress when they experienced husband infidelity in their first marriage. When you get a divorce without treating post traumatic stress, you may feel comfort and forget about your pain temporarily, but your psychological wounds keep operating. Then, all men you meet after divorce perceive your behaviors as responses to their attention and consolation, and relationship addiction develops in both you and men who get involved with you. You may remarry one of those men, which indicates that both you and your second husband have relationship addiction. This mechanism explains the phenomenon where people who remarry are more susceptible to getting involved in infidelity than others. 

When post traumatic stress operates inside you, the unconscious attempts to regain psychological balance, which is manifested as intense rage and pain. Then, nothing else can restore balance of psychology than adequate adjustment of the operation of the unconscious. Post traumatic stress worsens no matter what practical measures are taken or what conscious efforts are made unless adequate treatment methods are adopted. Eventually, you may end up living in severe depression or become a pleasure seeker getting immersed into addictive relationships. Whether you divorce and remarry the second or the third time, you may either live in severe depression or seeking pleasure.       

It is not too late to decide whether to get another divorce or restore the second marriage after you treat post traumatic stress and build happiness ability. If you are suffering from psychological pain due to infidelity issues or others related with divorce and remarriage, do not hesitate to apply for Free Consultation on Divorce and Remarriage provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education. You will be accurately informed of how to overcome the present difficulties and restore a happy life with your loved ones. 

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