Counseling can be dangerous when treating psychological disorders


I have developed a non-contact self-treatment method of psychological disorders and do not adopt the method of counseling to treat psychological disorders. Counseling that analyzes original family, growth process, and wounds and trauma is not adopted, which actually leads many people to complain. Then, they are surprised at how effective the non-contact self-treatment method is as they proceed with the new and innovative program.


The core component of the non-contact self-treatment method is adjusting the unconscious in mind to treat psychological disorders. There is no need for the counselor and the client to discuss the specifics of the clients' life experiences at all. By principle, no one has the right or ability to analyze and discuss other people's unique experiences. Any life experience is unique and meaningful in and of itself.


Conventional counseling has a serious error of adopting the method effective only for treating mild cases psychological problems to treat severe cases of psychological disorders. Most experts from the days of Sigmund Freud to the present adopt the method of counseling to analyze the patient's psychology and treat psychological disorders. Retrieving life experiences associated with psychological pain and exchanging emotions with the counselor only aggravates the condition of psychological disorder without exception. It may look as if treatment were progressing temporarily or on the surface, but it may actually contribute to pathological condition transfering to another component of psychology thereby developing an additional psychological disorder let alone treating the original one.


Counseling is effective to solve mild cases of psychological problems with a certain degree of healing effect. The error of counseling comes from not differentiating psychological problems with psychological disorders and adopting the method meant for psychological problems to treat psychological disorders.


Human mind has the energy that enables self-treatment of psychology. An adequate  treatment method of psychological disorders must be able to guide the patient to activate the energy of mind in the unconscious and regain balance in psychological operation. Only the patients themselves have the ability to treat their own psychological disorders and restore healthy psychology inside them.

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