Psychology counseling and psychology treatment are different.


Many people tend to equate psychology counseling with psychology treatment but they are completely different concepts. A psychology counselor is defined as 'a person trained to give guidance on psychological problems'. Psychology counselors can be of great help to solve psychological problems but they cannot treat your psychological disorders. They will help you to find causes of psychological problems and guide you to solve specific problems with professional knowledge. 

Counseling can be adopted when you have psychological problems but still have the ability for self-recovery. However, when you develop psychological disorders, it indicates that you have lost the ability for self-recovery. Then, you need to adopt proper treatment method instead of psychology counseling. When you adopt psychology treatment, you don't have to look for the cause of the disorder as you don't look for the cause when you treat a case of cancer. An accurate diagnosis of the current condition and employment of adequate treatment are more important.

There are three components in human psychology : the psychology of perception for taking in external information, the psychology of memory for storing information of facts and emotions, and the psychology of expression for expressing one's emotions through speech, actions, and facial expressions. When the balance in one or more of the three components and the ability for self-recovery are lost, psychological disorders occur. Then, you must first restore the ability for self-recovery for proper treatment. Unfortunately, psychology counseling, which is helpful to solve psychological problems, is detrimental for the treatment of psychological disorders. 

It is also important to accurately diagnose the types of psychological disorders. When a psychological disorder occurs in one component of psychology, they are manifested as perception disorder such as panic disorder, the disorder of memory of emotions such as depression, or expression disorder such as addiction. When two components of psychology lose balance, they are manifested as bipolar disorder, hysteria, intermittent explosive disorder, or relationship addiction. When all three components of psychology lose balance, they are manifested as antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, or post traumatic stress disorder. It takes more time and effort to treat psychological disorders in more than one component than to treat a disorder in only one component.

Applying the method of psychological counseling to cases of psychological disorders is as if to take cold medicine to treat lung cancer, which will only aggravate the condition. You must first have your condition accurately diagnosed for whether you have psychological problems or psychological disorders, and for what level of psychological disorders you have. You must never apply the method of psychological counseling to treat psychological disorders.


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