[On divorce] Divorce without preparation forecasts misfortune.

Through 'Free Consultation on Divorce & Remarriage' of KIP, you can learn about causes of divorce, things to prepare before divorce, problems that may occur in the process of divorce, directions of life after divorce, and how to solve diverse problems and live happily.

You may experience one of the most drastic changes in psychology through divorce process. The first important change occurs during the process of dating in which you form an intimate relationship with another person. The second important change in psychology occurs when you get married. You form a relationship where two people pursue and share happiness of life together. The psychology of dating and that of marriage are completely different and people develop relational conflicts since they do not know about how their psychology operates before and after marriage. 

The third important change in psychology occurs when you get a divorce. You will choose to get a divorce when you want and decide to build happiness by yourself instead of building it with your partner. Then, you will return to yourself before you got married regardless of the period of marriage, that is, to the time even before you were in a dating relationship. 

Of course, you can date and get married again after a divorce. You will experience another major change in psychology when you remarry. The psychology of the first marriage and that of the second or the third marriage are different. You also experience another major change in psychology when you are bereaved of your spouse. Our psychology keeps changing at every major turning point in life. It is only you yourself who can maneuver the course of life through all the changes in life situations in the way you build and maintain happiness for yourself.

When you are alone, you are to pursue only your own happiness. When you are with other people, you are to pursue not only your happiness but also happiness of your loved ones. It is more challenging to build happiness after divorce than to build happiness in a dating or marriage relationship. That is why you must prepare yourself well for life after divorce. Jumping into divorce without preparation often makes you suffer from even more practical and psychological problems after divorce.

You live only once. You may be able to take difficulties after divorce as a good experience of life, but you may also want to choose less painful and less damaging path of life if you can. It may be even better if you can become happy after divorce without too many trials and errors. Also, many couples get a divorce when they can be perfectly happy together staying in marriage just because they do not understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. Some couples are better off by getting a divorce. Either way, the most important thing is your happiness in a true sense. 

You may decide to get a divorce or not depending on your circumstance. Under any circumstance, you must be well prepared for your future happiness. Getting a divorce a a way of avoidance or retaliation will only result in even greater misfortune. Blaming other people and your environment will only aggravate your psychological condition. 'Free Consultation on Divorce and Remarriage' of KIP will provide you with an opportunity to treat psychological wounds, solve practical problems, and build happiness ability. 

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