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[SATW] Women who want to look sexually attractive


     Many women consider looking attractive to be important. They try to raise their value of attractiveness through fashion, make-up, diet, plastic surgery and so on. This is caused by growing up with the distorted concept of sexuality in their culture and society.

Women are designed to generate feelings of wounds in mimind from birth to death, and they can also treat wounds and generate feelings of love and happiness when they get consolation and attention in the right way.

     Women who have many wounds in mimind naturally want to get attention and consolation in proportion with the amount of wounds. The most intense attention and consolation women can get are through sexual actions. This mechanism leads women to try to raise their value of sexual attractiveness through fashion, make-up, diet, or surgery to get more and more attention and consolation.

     As more and more women try to focus on their sex appeal, even normal women may develop distorted concepts and standards of sexuality. They may try to follow those who try to look sexually attractive, or they may develop the sense of deprivation. Women generate feelings of wounds in mimind in both cases.

     When women get married and feel safe and convinced of the relationship with the husband, they do not care much about their value of sexual attractiveness any more. Marriage makes womens wounds treated considerably. Then, after some time, women may feel lonely as children grow, or they may accumulate wounds during their marriage life, which makes them focus on their sexual attractiveness again. It means that attention and consolation that can treat womens wounds and make them have feelings of love and happiness have stopped being provided for quite a long time. Then, women may try to prove their sexual attractiveness by enhancing their appearance or feel depressed and dispirited thinking that they dont look attractive enough.

     However, these are all wrong ideas caused by the distorted concept of sexuality. All women are born with the utmost value of sexuality without having to look attractive sexually in appearance. Women can activate their own xes energy in a positive way on their own regardless of their appearance. Women who can activate xes energy in a positive way are perceived as the most charming women through their facial expressions, speech, and gestures without fancy clothes and make-up. They will look attractive to everyone regardless of their size or shape.

     Women who try to look sexually attractive become the sexual objects of men who pursue sexual pleasure. On the other hand, women who activate xes energy in a positive way become the objects of love and happiness men want to protect and share happiness with. The true value of women comes from true sex ability instead of appearance. Women can build true sex ability and their own unique charm regardless of their age. Any woman who wants to raise their value in a true sense can take Sex Ability Training for Women.


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Sex Ability Training for Women : 


[SATW] Women who pursue sexual attractiveness easily get hurt by men.


     Many women try hard to enhance their sexual attractiveness. They wear make-up, go on a diet, or take plastic surgery to look sexually attractive. They try hard to enhance their appearance since they know that men give more attention to sexually attractive women than to other women. 

     However, women who focus on enhancing their sexual attractiveness tend to connect with men mainly focusing on sexuality. Then, they may develop wounds in mimind win spite of themselves and even develop wound dissociation. Men give them attention considering them as sexual objects and such women's body, mind, and sexuality end up being destroyed. Women who have sexual attractiveness may feel satisfied and happy when they get attention from men, but their wounds keep growing.          

     On the other hand, women with true charm are not perceived as sexual objects by men. Men generate pure passion toward such women and try to protect their body, mind, and sexuality. Men try to build the relationship of love and happiness with women with true charm and do their best in every aspect of life so that both men and women become happy.

     Also, women with true charm have a balanced a appearance and healthy body, mind, and sexuality. The man who is in love with such a woman perceives the woman as the most sexually attractive woman and the couple can live a happy life with sexual happiness as well as with love and passion. This mechanism applies to every couple regardless of age. 

     Do you want to become sexually attractive women or women with true charm? Women must try to build true and unique charm instead of sexual attractiveness. Sex Ability Training for Women guides women to build true sex ability on their own and become the most charming women. They can build wound treatment ability and happiness ability and enjoy sexual happiness without depending on anyone else.

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Sex Ability Training for Women : 


[SATW] Why do sexy women become popular and famous?


Many popular and famous women who appear on mass media and social media are sexually attractive. People pay attention to their pretty face and sexy body as well as how to become like them through diet, exercise, make-up, and fashion. Women become more famous and popular as they make their sex appeal public more and more.

Men get vicarious satisfaction and develop the desire to meet them when they see such sexy women on mass media or social media. Women develop the desire to become like sexy women they see on the media. Women who appeal sexually reinforce their sex appeal and make efforts to provide more sexual attractiveness to the public. 

For example, when a woman who appeals sexually and who is popular and famous uploads a picture of herself on the social media, many people respond with great interest. On the other hand, when an ordinary woman who doesn't appeal sexually uploads an ordinary picture of herself, no one respond or show interest. Sadly enough, many women try to publicize their sexual attractiveness through the media. 

What would happen to the body and the mind of women who try to appeal sexually? Of course, the public are not interested in women's body and mind. Men consider them only as objects of pleasure and women consider them only as objects of vicarious satisfaction. The body and the mind of women who are sexually attractive and publicize their sex appeal in the media are necessarily destroyed. Their distorted activation of sexuality causes problems in their body and mind. They accumulate wounds in mimind and end up living a life of unhappiness and destruction. The more popular and famous they become through publicizing their sex appeal, the more their body and mind deteriorate.

Women who try to be sexually attractive are destroying their body and mind in order to induce response and attention from other people. Women's sex appeal leads to a live of unhappiness and destruction by inducing severe wounds in mind. Women need to develop true sex ability for themselves, which leads them to have powerful sex ability and the best charm. They don't have to try to become popular and famous through sex appeal and still they look charming and attractive to everyone. They can live a happy life with healthy body and mind under any circumstance. Sex Ability Training for Women will guide women to do without activating distorted activation of sexuality and build true sex ability on their own.

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[SATW] Womdn's sexuality operates in extremity.


Women's xesmind operates for treatment and happiness in mimind but distorted sexuality operates for wounds and unhappiness in relationships. Having sex for your own body and mind operates for treatment and happiness but having sex for love and pleasure with the partner operates for wounds and unhappiness.

Most knowledge and information on sexuality available for women focus on love and pleasure with the partner. It leads women to operate their sexuality to achieve love and pleasure in the relationship with the partner. 

Many women try to have sexually appealing appearance through diet, exercise, make-up, and fashion. They also try to have the ability to be loved by the partner, learn sex techniques, and how to enhance sexual pleasure. Most conventional sex therapies guide women to destroy their body and mind on their own by pursuing sexual pleasure. 

All these efforts induce wounds and unhappiness in women since they serve the purpose of love and pleasure with the partner. Making efforts to achieve sexual pleasure equates to making efforts to destroy their own body and mind. Such women end up living a life of unhappiness and destruction, pursuing love and pleasure with their partner and inducing wounds in mimind.

On the other hand, having sex for women's own body and mind does not take consideration of love, pleasure, or the partner. It only aims for achieving their own physical health and happiness in mimind. This method and the Theory of Xesmind have not been known to many people so far. 

Sex Ability Training for Women guides women to build a powerful sex ability, wound treatment ability, and the best unique charm on their own. Women can learn how to live happily with healthy body and mind. Adopting true sex ability does not involve a partner or having sex with the partner in relationships. Women don't have to become dependent on anyone and they can build true sex ability all by themselves.

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Sex Ability Training for Women :

[Infidelity Therapy] The true nature of post traumatic stress


Post traumatic stress can develop when victimized spouses are convinced or suspicious of spouse infidelity causing excruciating psychological pain. The pain of post traumatic stress can be likened to the pain of death, and no one could even imagine the level of pain unless they experience it directly. Untreated post traumatic stress can destroy their life by transforming all their life memories into psychological wounds. They may begin to feel comfortable when they have destroyed all aspects of their life, and then, they may take pleasure in destroying other people's lives including their own children's lives. 

 When they have destroyed their life this way, they may blame their spouse in infidelity or themselves. They may also develop dependency or obsession. The fundamental cause of the destruction of their life is the development and aggravation of post traumatic stress, but most people justify their behaviors by blaming the spouse in fidelity for everything. 

They may also develop the conviction that their destructive behaviors will make others happy instead of damaging them. They must start taking the treatment while they are still recognizing the pain of post traumatic stress and before they begin to feel comfortable and take pleasure in destroying many people's lives so that they can restore healthy psychology and happiness. 

Feeling comfortable and confident after suffering from pain for some time indicates that their condition has advanced and deteriorated and they have lost the chance to start the treatment. It is because they think that they have no reason to treat themselves since they feel fine in the conscious. Then, they automatically enter the path of destruction in life.

You must treat post traumatic stress by all means. Post traumatic stress distorts your habits of psychological operations, and it can be treated by making efforts based on the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. KIP Treatment Program guides you to proceed with the self-treatment method. 

Then, how exactly does post traumatic stress lead you to destroy your mind? One way is taking practical measures such as collecting evidence, taking counseling and coaching, filing lawsuits, getting a divorce, or committing revenge affair. The other way is developing dependency and obsession on people and activities such as children, friends, work and business, religion and study, hobbies and exercises, shopping and traveling, or diet and sex. It is strongly recommended that you take up activities only after you treat your condition first. Once you destroy your own mind, you may begin to damage other people. One easy way is to encourage or advise them to destroy their lives as you have destroyed yours and ask them to join you for pursuing pleasure of different kinds including sexual pleasure. 

When you are suffering from the pain of post traumatic stress, it is also important not to be deceived by people who advise you and guide you in the wrong direction by encouraging you to take practical measures and fall for dependency and obsession. When you aggravate your condition without realizing it, you will end up having to endure the consequences of destroying not only your life but also lives of your loved ones. You must first treat your condition and restore your happiness and protect your family and children. After that, you may decide to give your spouse in infidelity to treat his or her relationship addiction.



[Infidelity Therapy] What you will lose to get temporary comfort.


[Infidelity Therapy] The victimized spouse who destroys everyone's life in an attempt to gain comfort. 

     Infidelity does not occur due to couple issues, sexual issues, or any other practical problem. It occurs due to relationship addiction, which is an advanced condition of psychological disorder and causes immersion into the other's response or attention.           

     People in infidelity behaves in the way they destroy relationships with people who give stress regarding their infidelity. They may cat irrationally, become violent, or avoid stressful situations at all costs. People in infidelity will display all kinds of behaviors. They may leave home without contact, beg for forgiveness, use violent language, blame other family members, and so on. 

      The victimized spouses of spouse infidelity suffer from difficult situations repeatedly and they also start to destroy themselves and other people. They did not commit infidelity but their post traumatic stress makes them act irrationally, become violent, and avoid stressful situations at all costs.

     Where would what you do and think now lead you eventually?

     Can you solve all the problems of your spouse in infidelity?

     Can you stop being destructive and restore happiness?

     They want to get out of the unfortunate situation and become happy. However, their condition of post traumatic stress makes all their efforts result in destruction. Any practical measure they take except the measure to treat their condition in the right way will destroy themselves and their children. It is because people in post traumatic stress misunderstand that they will become comfortable and happy when they solve the visible problems and usually make wrong decisions.

     Then, efforts made based on post traumatic stress become efforts to destroy themselves and their family just to feel comfortable temporarily. They end up living for pleasure avoiding stress and wounds. Their children are neglected and grow with unhealthy psychology. So many people ask what to do when this and that happen in the situation where spouse infidelity is discovered. This is equivalent to asking what to do to destroy themselves and their family. 

     Spouse infidelity cannot be solved by taking any practical measures. All problems that occur due to spouse infidelity can be solved only when the spouse in infidelity decides and make efforts to treat the relationship addiction. The same applies to post traumatic stress. Post traumatic stress can be cured only when the victimized spouse decides and make efforts to treat the condition in the right way regardless of the circumstance. Actually, when you don't treat post traumatic stress in the right way but the situation gets better, the condition deteriorates even further and eventually cause more severe destruction. 

     Both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse must treat their psychological condition before they do anything. First, they must protect themselves and their children by starting KIP Treatment Program. Then, they can give the spouse in infidelity an opportunity to treat relationship addiction. You must make efforts not for destruction but for happiness in a true sense. 

     Typical destructive measures include collecting evidence, filing lawsuits, getting a divorce, taking psychology counseling, and revenge affair. Some people choose to get immersed into children, work, religion, study, or hobbies. Others try to restore sexuality by going on a diet, taking plastic surgery, or taking sex training. Any activity that causes obsession and dependency aggravates post traumatic stress. 

     You must also be careful about so-called experts who encourage all these destructive measures. They never take responsibility for dire consequences resulted from their destructive advice. Being deceived and taking their advice only expedites the rate of destruction. 

     Do not try to solve practical problems. 

     Do not try to change your spouse at least for now. 

Please, do not just avoid the pain but take the right treatment method to treat your psychology and restore happiness in a true sense.


About KIP(Korea Institute of Psycho-education)


[Infidelity Therapy] The husband in infidelity, the wife in pain, and the adulteress as a sexual object


     All parties involved in a case of infidelity, the husband in infidelity, the wife in pain, and the adulteress as a sexual object are living an unhappy life. They end up living a life of destruction unless they take a proper treatment such as KIP Treatment. Without proper treatment, all of them end up living a life of destruction destroying love, happiness, and sexuality as well as all human relationships pursuing only their own survival and pleasure. 

     [The wife in pain] When the wife suspects or discovers husband infidelity, she develops post traumatic stress. She may end up destroying love, happiness and sexuality as well as all human relationships. Post traumatic stress deteriorates as time passes unless properly treated. 

     1. She develops dependency on things, activities, or people. The objects of dependency could be anything from children, family, career, religion, study, hobbies, counseling, to shopping, traveling, plastic surgery, diet, or sex. They feel comfort and relief only through the activities that cap their negative emotions. Their level of dependency increases and post traumatic stress advances, which destroys their own life and the life of many others.      

     2. She destroys her whole life. As post traumatic stress advances, she destroys love, happiness, and sexuality as well as all human relationships. She only pursues her own pleasure including sexual pleasure. She easily becomes a sexual object of many men and a victim or a perpetrator of crimes related with affairs whether she is divorced or not. 

     3. She destroys the life of her husband and children. Post traumatic stress her husband's relationship addiction progress as she suppresses her pain, develops dependency or obsession, or keeps taking practical measures. The husband eventually develops intermittent explosive disorder and destroys his life. Children's psychology also deteriorates and they develop psychological problems. They will experience spouse infidelity or commit infidelity themselves when they become adults.

     The wife who is suffering from husband infidelity must treat her post traumatic stress and build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness by taking proper treatment programs such as KIP Treatment. When she treats her condition and live happily with children, she can give her husband an opportunity to treat his relationship addiction. 

     [The husband in infidelity] The husband does not realize that he has developed relationship addiction. He is addicted to the adulteress's sexual response and destroys his own life. Relationship addiction is a psychological disorder that destroys love, happiness, and sexuality as well as all human relationships. 

     1. He can be damaged by the adulteress any time. As the adulteress's sexual response grows bigger and bigger, she may develop hysteria and destroy everything.           

     2. The husband in infidelity usually neglects his wife thinking that his wife can never commit infidelity. In the mean time, the wife may easily respond sexually to men around her as her post traumatic stress progresses and become an adulteress. 

     3. The husband and the wife have developed relationship addiction and post traumatic stress respectively. In the mean time, children are not cared properly and can develop psychological problems. They are easily taken advantage of by other people. 

     The husband in infidelity must take KIP treatment to treat relationship addiction and sexual dysfunction. Then, they will build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness and never commit infidelity. When the husband recovers, he can protect his family and persuade his wife to treat post traumatic stress. 

     [The adulteress as a sexual object] The adulteress does not realize that she has developed relationship addiction, which is an advanced psychological disorder. She is addicted to men's attention and consolation and easily becomes a sexual object of many men. Of course, she destroys love, happiness, sexuality as well as all human relationships. She may be attacked by the adulterer's wife or become a victim of intermittent explosive disorder of the adulterer. She is in danger of becoming a victim or a perpetrator of crimes related with infidelity. She may mistake becoming a sexual object of many men for happiness and pleasure and feel confident and proud. 

     The adulteress must take KIP Treatment and treat her condition on her own without anyone's help. She can restore happiness by building habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness.


About KIP(Korea Institute of Psycho-education) 


About KIP(Korea Institute of Psycho-education)


Korea Institute of Psycho-education has been producing reference materials on the operational mechanism of mind and psychology and psychology treatment methods, and sharing them with as many people as possible. Its reference materials are made public to help anyone who is interested accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and find the right path for treating psychological disorders and pursue happiness in a true sense. We have been able to produce reference materials in English and Japanese as well as in Korean to help more people access the adequate analysis of human mind and psychology. 


Korea Institute of Psycho-education has developed the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind and was able to adequately explain the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. It has discovered the fundamental mechanism of most psychological disorders including depression, panic disorder, addiction, hysteria, intermittent explosive disorder, relationship addiction, and post traumatic stress and adopted the theories to successfully treat psychological disorders. It has also completed the non-contact self-training psychology treatment program to obtain the best treatment result without face-to-face psychology counseling, which is considered to be ineffective and even detrimental. 


You may find theories and treatment methods of KIP quite new and unfamiliar, but it has been developed to be applied to all human beings regardless of nationalities and cultures since all human beings share the identical operational mechanism of mind and psychology. It also provides free consultations by e-mails to help ease your approach to KIP and save your time and effort before starting adequate treatment. KIP is here to guide you to stop your pain and suffering and achieve happiness with your loved ones in a true sense. 




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It is hoped that you will be able to accurately understand the fundamental mechanism of human mind and psychology through reference materials provided by KIP and treat your psychological disorders without adverse effects through KIP psychology treatment programs. 

Thank you very much.


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